Gerard Robin wrote:
> Le lundi 20 juin 2005 à 23:28 +0200, Melchior FRANZ a écrit :
>>* Andy Ross -- Monday 20 June 2005 23:14:
>>>Melchior FRANZ wrote:
>>>>  [80 kB]
>>>Someone should start hacking at the puButton class, though.  That
>>>close button is starting to look kinda gimped with the cutoff highlight
>>>lines and no image label.
>>Psst! As long as nobody knows what the two lines mean, it's mysterious
>>and interesting.
>  May i say, with his bo105, Melchior is better than every military
> engineer in scientific research , he has found how to modify the
> appearance of an aircraft during flight.

The B-2 guys at Northrop should have a look at this. Maybe he can add a
slider for radar cross section :)


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