On June 21, 2005 03:34 am, Roman Grigoriev wrote:
> to Harald JOHNSEN:
> spot lights in fgfs I had 3 years ago. they worked on vertex program and
> registercombiners but everyone afraid of vertex programs and multitexturing
> You can see some screens here http://fgfs.narod.ru
In my opinion, if the code exists already, then it shouldn't be wasted.

Just a couple of questions:

What is the performance hit as a percentage of the highest framerate?

What is the minimal graphic card requirment?

Would you mind explaining how your code works?

I understand that you have a framework for this.  Would you mind explaining to 
me what this framework is and how it works?

How flexible is this particular code?  For example, can the inside of the 
hangar be lit?

Can the light be cast on to other objects beside the ground?

Thanks in advance,

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