Roman Grigoriev wrote:
Sorry Erik
I don't want offend anyone here
But If I know that shaders will be used sometimes in fgfs I will work on
them but there are a lot of work to do and if anyone colud help me we can
work on it. So I propose this as framework
for using shaders in fgfs. What do you think about it?
We can discuss it. if we will work on this shader framework we can make
things better.

I would like to add support for them, just in the proper way. That's why it is still in my TODO box. It's just the time ...

Here are a few things to consider:

1. Move the Shader class over to a new file (probably shader.cxx and
   shader.hxx) in SimGear/simgear/screen

2. Use the SimGear extension header files (you will probably need to
   extend them (see FlightGear/docs-mini/README.extensions)


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