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> withGraphic Card6600GT !!!

>  The hardware is able to do it, with the old driver 6229 it can. 
> But the average performance is less, because that driver  
> does not suit to these new GPU with GPL 2. May be a bug in 
> the last NVIDIA driver. 
> I could explain the problem if i was more accurate about GL 
> and that light animation.
> > 
> --
> Gerard

For what it's worth, additional info on this thread:

I saw the same bad performance on an Fx 3400 with new driver.  I was not
able to find any properties or run options to alleviate the problem (10
fps or less, when looking at an airfield -- running with enhanced
lighting OFF).

Gerard's fix (comment out the call to get_vasi_lights_root()) worked
great.  All is smooth now.  Thanks, Gerard!


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