>  I typed make and I got the following error:
>  FGNozzle.cpp: In method 'JSBSim::FGNozzle(JSBSim::FGFDMExec *,
>  JSBSim::FGConfigFile *, int =0)':
>  FGNozzle.cpp:74: implicit declaration of function 'int
>  JSBSim::snprintf(..)'
>  Does someone knows what is wrong?

Platform?  Compiler?  As always, more information is better than less.
Surely you did more than just "type make" to get this far. :)

As a wild guess, try adding a "#include <stdio.h>" to the top of the
file.  The snprintf() function is a C function from this header (also
part of the C++ standard, but use the C header for the test) and the
file doesn't include it explicitly.

Also, if you are going to take the trouble to compile FlightGear from
source, you should probably think about using the CVS versions, as
they are easier for the developers to answer questions about.  Most of
us don't have 0.9.8 trees.


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