* Erik Hofman -- Thursday 23 June 2005 18:23:
> I was already afraid this would happen, we're both waiting for a 
> response aren't we?
> :-)

Hehe ... yes. I'm still waiting for the "OK, I'll do it" message. Let's
at least rename SGPropertyNode::removeChild() to ...detach() or

For the curious: it turned out that there's no way to remove a property
subtree. removeChild() only removes that very child, but not its children
etc. So the complete "removed" tree ends up as zombie. The implementation
of a tree-deleter is somehow complicated by the fact that nodes can be
referenced as aliases or tied, only the latter state of which is currently
known to a node. There's some rudimentary refcounting, but that's not

Does anyone know an already implemented way to remove a property tree
that we may have missed?


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