Hi everybody,

maybe you all know of this thing, but I just stumbled into


where ** TONS ** of data is available for free. They seem to have lots of AIPs 
for download, including SID/STAR/Approach charts for european countries (I 
just checked germany and danmark). Also they can generate reports with VOR, 
Airport, DME, intersection and airspace positions - and output data in XML 

You have to register with them to use the service - but it's for free. The 
user interface is a java applet an you have to have a running sun java plugin 
for your browser. I use Firefox and jre 1.5 on linux which works fine.

I think this site is cool for pilots - simulated and real life - who prefer to 
spend their money for AVGAS (Beer for simpilots?) rather than chart 

fly with fun!


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