> This doesn't limit to the c-172.
> I do not know whether this has been fixed or not, but back in Feburary when I
> was testing the model for the A380, I notice that the wind is "powerful"
> enough to moved the A380 slowly from the center of the runway to the edge of
> the runway.
> Going back a bit further, when I was testing the model of the MD-11, a gust of
> wind could come and lifted the nose of the aircraft up.  If the wind is
> "strong" enough, the aircraft would pivot all the way around its main landing
> gears, flipped, and sunk below the ground.
> Ampere

I've seen what you talk about in all aircraft... except the point is
that there is NO WIND!!!  In my case, the wind direction is zero, the
wind speed is zero, turbulence is zero, and I am not fetching real
time data.  Unless there is some code written in somewhere where u are
generating gusts of wind at random, I don't see how any of the above
is possible.

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