Martin Spott wrote:
> "Ampere K. Hardraade" wrote:
>>Interesting.  I didn't know one can use both XFree and Xorg at the sametime.  
>>In anycase, this is way out of my league. =P
> In principle there's nothing magic about this, as you can always run
> more than one X server on your machine - be it XOrg or XFree86.
> The only difficulty accrues from the habit that both installations
> (XOrg and XFree86) tend to reside in /usr/X11R6/ - which is how it will
> be handled by your Linux distribution. If you compile X11 yourself then
> you can easily define "ProjectRoot" to some different location and run
> both systems in parallel,
> Martin.

The only problem I had when trying this was keeping one from loading the
other's libraries.


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