Hi Martin :-)

> Could you post an MD5 checksum of the downloaded file ? Did you
> experience any strange messages while unpacking ?

Of course I can, this is it: 55cefe52d8d2a6f573764fce46927e8a
Source is ftp://ftp.flightgear.org/pub/fgfs/Scenery-0.9.8/e010n30.tgz

> BTW, I can confirm
> that LICJ is _not_ part of the e010n30 scenery area,

How is it LICJ is not part of the e010n30 scenery area? Of course, the
scenery area which contains LICJ is e013n38 which is contained in the
e010n30.tgz file. I assure you LICJ is right in that  :-)
ICAO: LICJ  38°10'55"N 13°05'58"E


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