bass pumped wrote:
> Martin Spott wrote:
> > bass pumped wrote:
> > > The website says the password is 'guest'.  It doesn't work for me!
> > > just stalls!!
> >
> > Why do you yell at me !?
> I'm sorry...  I didn't think I was yelling at you.  But if u feel I
> did so, I sincerely apologize, that was not my intention.

I know why!!!!  The vertical bar with a dot at the bottom is called an
exclamation point!  When you use it (Like this!!!) it makes what you
type very loud!  While that might be fun, it makes it difficult for
other people to understand your tone!!!  Are you angry?  Sad??  Or
just exited?!?? See what I mean???!?

Seriously, written communication is hard.  Just like with verbal
communication, calmly explaining a situation and nicely asking for
help is more likely to get results than using chat room jargon and
incomplete sentences.  Remember that many of us are old enough to have
been tought to read and write on paper, and honestly don't speak the
same written language.  Sticking to standard English will make it much
easier for folks like me to understand U. :)


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