Am Wednesday 20 July 2005 10:46 schrieb Vivian Meazza:
> Oliver Schroeder
> > I *think* that the flightgear client is kind of to big and this kind of
> > program (lets call it "injector") does not need all of its functions. Eg.
> > there is no rendering, ATC(?), Autopilot, Audio and others needed. Maybe
> > a stripped down version of the flightgear client would be just what we
> > need.
> Yes FG is big, and would have unused functions. Against this has to be
> balanced the time and risk in developing and maintaining a stripped down
> version. I don't have a handle on the size of that task or the risks
> involved.

I didn't mean to develop or maintain another version of FG, i guess an 
appropriate configure can do the trick. Something like "configure 
--without-opengl --without-ATC ..."

> I suggested some time ago that the first player's system might handle all
> the admin tasks - that way you get the AI traffic, carrier movements etc.
> virtually free. However, there are significant questions surrounding that
> idea: in particular what happens when the first player leaves. It ought to
> be possible for the 2nd player to take up the task, because both systems
> should be aligned. There is also the load on the individual client to be
> taken into account.

I guess this will raise more problems then it will solve. That's why I thought 
of "injectors". They are (read: would be) player independent.

> I'm not sure exactly what you mean by a scriptable client. Does this mean
> that it has pre-scripted AI traffic, carrier movements, weather etc.?

Something like that, yes.

> If you are saying that the server should have as little "knowledge" as
> possible, then I would go along with that. I think the server probably
> needs to coordinate the network time but beyond that ... there is a case
> for the server to filter by range, but this could also be done by the
> client.

The idea is to disburden the clients as they will already have enough work to 
do with rendering etc, especially with a gowing number of additional clients 
at the scene.

> I have no strong view on how this should be achieved. We should build on
> what we already have in order to achieve a fully coordinated environment.
> We should not be re-inventing wheels, flaps or anything else :-)

Dacor, I'm always a friend of recycling ;)

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