Durk Talsma wrote:

Well I guess, a basic solution would be to have a master/slave mode for the AIModels subsystem, where the master computer does the "intelligent" AIModels work, and sends the resulting data across the network. The remaining computers, wouldn't have the AIModels system do anything, except process the incoming data.

I don't think that this scenario would be impossible to implement, and has actually some attractive advantages (for example, the master AIModels computer could be configured to emphasize AImodels processing, at the cost of graphics display functions, it it were to be run on a system that was hooked up to the network, but not part of the display system).

Like Dave, however, I don't have enough computer resource available to test this, so we would need to depend on a developer with the means to actually test this. Curt, I know how extremely busy you are, but would you be willing to test this, once we get to the point where this might become a reality?

Sure I can do some testing. I now have pretty convenient access to a permanent multidisplay configuration.


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