* James Turner -- Tuesday 18 April 2006 12:08:
> On 18 Apr 2006, at 10:31, Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> > Better real Nasal dependency resolution then.  :-|
> I think adding more groups and keying off them is much easier 

Sure. This wasn't meant as argument against your sublevel idea.
(In my code I had added Nasal to the INIT group weeks ago, because
this could have solved an exit problem that I had at that time.)

It's just that you mainly focus on the sublevels and a bit on
Nasal, and for me it's the opposite. I would appreciate if Nasal
were around the first subsystems to be initialized. But this would
require some Nasal dependency resolution. Almost all Nasal code
needs globals.nas, and most need props.nas, too (which needs
globals.nas). gui.nas needs globals.nas and props.nas, and screen.nas
needs all three etc. This needs to be taken care of if Nasal is
to be initialized early. Andy prefers to keep the system generic
and, understandably, objects to a fixed and hardcoded loading order.
Heh, but now I better stop talking about what Andy wants and doesn't
want. He'll certainly tell us.  :-)


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