> This feature seems to be pretty underutilized, even for a lot of the
> aircraft for which it was intended.  So in case anyone isn't aware of
> how it works, here are some docs: The F&W subsystem is entirely
> property driven.  In your -set.xml file you add a bunch of
> /sim/weight[n] definitions like:
>   <weight n="0">
>    <name>Left Rear Passenger</name>
>    <weight-lb>0</weight-lb> <!-- initial/runtime value -->
>    <max-lb>300</max-lb>
>    <min-lb>60</min-lb>      <!-- optional, defaults to zero -->
>   </weight>
> This will get you a slider labeled "Left Rear Passenger" that you can
> tweak at runtime from the dialog.  The FDM configuration would
> obviously read "/sim/weight[0]/weight-lb" to get the weight at
> runtime.
> ...

Hmm. I'm not sure how this interacts with JSBSim weight and balance
properties. I just got back from Keystone (AIAA Modeling and Simulation
Conference) and need to take a good look at this more closely, but does
anyone know how this interacts with all FDMs?


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