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Hi Curtis,

Thanks by quick response.

In fact my code was wrong, because I wrote wrong properties values to /autopilot/locks/speed = speed-with-throotle instead speed-with- throttle, then never turn on the speed with throttle autopilot option.

Hehe, that's one thing I've learned to check when things don't work as expected.  With properties, the compiler can't spell check variable names at compile time so typos can creep in.  When something doesn't behave as expected, it's worth looking in the property tree while the code is running to see if any new properties (with similar, but not quite exact spellings) have appeared.
This feature is important to my ground station and it now can instruct FlightGear to use the manual flying or our autonomous navigation system to fly.

Sounds like you are doing some UAV work.  Do you have a web page or more info on your project?  I'd be very interested to hear more details of how you are leveraging FlightGear as part of your ground station.  I've got about 100 million ideas myself, but have only had time to try a few simple things.

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