Le lundi 6 novembre 2006 13:07, Holger Wirtz a écrit :
> Hehe, I know what an open source project is because I use Linux and GNU
> utils since more than ten years. ;-)
> What I try to adept is the following:
> - When I take plenty of my free time and get trouble with my wife and my
>   children, than I won't write (open) code for the trash.
> - I think it would make lots of fun for me to write something like an
>   radio/atc addon for FlightGear - but only if this work will not end up
>   in /dev/null.
> - If there are plans for connecting FlightGear to VATSIM or integrate
>   VATSIM into FlightGear, I need to know this (see above).
> All I want wo avoid is to write code for something that will never be
> used because there are plans for connecting to other well known
> available services - if they are open source or not.
> And what I also wrote in further email:
> Maybe there is much interest in third party software for FlightGear that
> implements the NDA-Code... why not? For my personal sight of the things
> it might be simpler to include VATSIM via a gateway and use lots of
> already written software for ATC.
> But it seems that that this is more a political problem than a technical.
> That's not a problem for me but I wan't to know what I should do.
> Regards, Holger

i see i cannot be clear in english :-(

i just want to say to you : it's impossible to include it in flightgear 
because of license issues. but as said curt you can make a "gateway between 
flightgear and vatsim.

but one thing to try : if a lot of people write an email to vatsim for 
including flightgear, perhaps they write themself the gateway.

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