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Well, not so great. At SFO at night in the UFO I see a decrease from
about 60fps with the existing lights to 43 with the OSG version. I
suspect the slowdown is very dependent on processor speed; I hadn't
noticed it on another computer using the debug builds. Although the
distance attenuation does look nicer, you might want to hold off
integrating my patch until I investigate further :)

Ok, I can hold off ... I do agree they generally look really nice.

I was confused about what the array of view options (sprites, enhanced
lights, etc.) did with respect to this new patch ... I tried a few different
combinations and could really figure it out.  It would be nice to get this
all sorted out and make it clear what the different options do or don't do
and how they play together.  It would also be nice to somehow maintain some
sort of form of the original sprite based lighting as a fall back for people
that don't have the HP to run the new OSG lights.

Another thing that would be nice is to be able to keep the sprite based
mechanism so that lights have fuzzy (rather than hard) edges as they are


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