Curtis Olson schreef:
> On 12/4/06, *唐勇* wrote:
>     Hi,the Flight Gear can be drived by Keyboard,Mouse,Joystick
>     etc.But my question is that how can I drive the Flight Gear by my
>     ATC radar data.My radar data contains the flight
>     position(lon,lat,alt) and oritation(pitch,roll,heading).I want to
>     know how to input these data to the Flight Gear,and make many
>     airplanes fly automatically.
>     Thank u very much!!!
> I have done some work capturing IMU/GPS data from a live UAV and
> playing it live (or replaying it later) in FlightGear ... optionally
> with the multiplayer features turned on so we can track the uav in
> google maps/earth.
> There are a variety of ways you could pull this off, but here is one
> suggestion.
> I have written/adapted a couple utilities that can load a saved data
> file or read the data in live from a serial port and then pass it
> along to FlightGear. This code lives in the FlightGear CVS repository
> under .../source/utils/GPSsmooth/ (the naming of this directory
> doesn't exhibit a lot of forethought, but that's what it is right now.)
> If you wanted to use this option, you would mostly likely have to
> adapt the MIDGsmooth or UGsmooth application to parse your own data
> format, but everything else should pretty much be the same.
> If nothing else you can explore this directory to get a few ideas.
> You could probably reformat the data so it could be loaded and
> replayed by flightgear directly, but I haven't fiddled with that end
> of flightgear in a *long* time so someone else might be able to offer
> more current advice for doing that.
> Regards,
> Curt.
Wouldn't it be possible to use either the 'Generic' protocol over a
socket / serial link or convert the data coming from the ATC console
into NMEA format? That way FG can read it without any problems. (I have
yet to try my own GPS receiver with FG but I'm certain it will work)

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