Hi all,

I'll explain what brings me here: I'm a member of the IVAO network 
(http://www.ivao.aero), which provides a background for flight simmers 
and virtual controllers. Perhaps many of you already know about what I'm 
going to explain.

Virtual pilots connect to the network either as virtual ATC or virtual 

In this last case (pilot), the user needs in the first place, a flight 
simulation software (Micro$oft Flight $imulator, X-Plane, Fly!,...).

In the second place, a connection software that links the simulator to 
the IVAO network. Usually this client software is displayed as a kinda 
FMS-like gauge. The IVAO pilot client for M$ FS is called Ivap. A 
notorious existing client for other simulators is Squawkbox.

In the third place, an account in the IVAO network, which is 100% free 
of charge (IVAO is a free network).

Thus, you can use your favourite simulator in an environment with 
hundreds of other pilots and controllers who are using either other 
flight simulators (and so other pilot clients) or ATC clients.

So far, most of the people who fly online in IVAO is unfortunately using 
M$ FS. Some of them use X-Plane, Fly! or other simulators. So far 
there's no possibility to fly in IVAO with a free software simulator 
like Flightgear, because there's no client software for them. And that's 
what I intend to fix.

I've had a few conversations with the software development team of IVAO 
and it's very likely that they'll offer me their help and support for 
the development of a pilot client flor Flightgear. This way, FG users 
will be able to fly online with thousands of pilots who actually fly 
other simulators.

It's a few months since I moved to the Linux environment. I'm a software 
developer but I've always developed under (sorry! :( ) the M$ environment.

What I'm asking to you is some help regarding communication between 
Flightgear and the client, which will have to produce an information 
flow between the simulator and the server, regarding weather, planes 
position, and so on.

An optionally (as this will be my first Linux project) I'll be more than 
happy if someone offered to be my "mentor" in these my first steps in 
the path of the light side of the force. However I'll try not to be a 
burden: I have been studying a lot these last months and I learn fast.

Thanks all!

Pep Ribal.

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