Curtis has already hinted as to how the following may be done with his 
"remote" FDM.
To my mind flightgear can be broken down into distinct plugin 
"modules". There is the FDM, the "external world" visualisation,the 
cockpit input and output (ie joystick,pedals,switches and displays) and 
possibly a motion system. These can be interconnected with some inter 
process communication scheme. All of the modules could be run on a SMP 
hardware (e.g dual dual-core cpus) or on separate computers. There has 
been some discussion on multi-threading which would handle the first 
(via shared memory IPC perhaps) but without an operating system that 
can migrate threads to other networked processors then I think a more 
flexible approach may be "self-contained" modules communicating by 
passing "properties" over TCP. The "remote" FDM is already a 
possibility and there is an example of a remote joystick but how easy 
would it be to break up the rest of flightgear? Any ideas anyone?

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