Hi all ,
 While experimenting with a jsb FDM for the Citation X , Ive modified 
the EICAS to work with both Yasim and JSBsim FDM's.... which raises this 
question. Yasim has a /fuel/tank/level-lbs , while jsbsim  has 
/fuel/tank/level-lb . Why cant they both be the same property name , for 
the sake of simplifying animations between the two FDMs? It seems like a 
lot of extra tweaking because of a single letter difference in a 
property name . It also seems like Yasim could easily add a fuel flow 
pounds per hour property to the code similar to jsbsim's fuel-flow_pph.I 
add it to all my nasal scripts anyway , but it appears that most modern 
fuel gauges measure fuel flow in pounds per hour .
I would be happy to make the minor changes (except for the comments 
about my indentation style ).... ;).
Any agreement / disagreement on this ?

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