On Sun 13 May 2007 17:41, Matthias Boerner wrote:
> Hello Gerard,
> > Hello Mathias,
> >
> > Your "10-20 frames more", seems to me very poor regarding the
> > comparison, i get from 10 to 15 fps with the recent one and a now
> > with that old one i recover from 60 to 85, which is a huge
> > difference.
> I get an performance increase from about 80/90 fps to 100/110 fps. My
> average frame rate is about 90/100.
> So in my environment which is probably not that different to yours
> (except hardware) I do not have a performace decrease with OSG that
> some people and you described here.
> I don't use any fancy optimization parameters: "-march=k8 -O2 -pipe",
> that's all.
> What is your environment, and what are your compile parameters?
> Regards
> Matthias
Hello Mathias,

Right, your FPS has nothing to do with mine

The Computer which run FG is:

With LInux fedora core 5

Cpu AMD Athlon XP3200  (32 bit)
Memory 3 GB DDR  dual channel  3200

GPU NVIDIA 7800GS 500MZ Memory 512 Mo  DDR3  700MZ
driver 1.0-9755

SG built with
./configure --prefix=nnnn

FG built with
/configure --prefix=nnnn --with-simgear=nnnn --enable-sdl

FG-OSG     run with 

Nothing else significant

BTW: no dual cpu, no PCI-e graphic card



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