it's been a while since I posted in this list asking for some help with
the development of a client application to connect Flightgear to IVAO

Since then some important steps have been taken.

One of them has been the trust and support to the project shown by the
board of governors of the IVAO network. Thus, I've been given a position
in the IVAO software development staff, so that they will give all
support to the project (including their SVN server). Additionally I've
been given a copy of their shared library that encapsulates everything
related to connection to their servers, along with includes and
documentation. Though the ivao library is not open source, it will be
distributed as freeware. However the client application I'm developing
will be GPL.

Since my first post I got the support of Flightgear developer John
Wojnaroski, who has helped me a lot, specially in communications stuff.
He has developed an additional module in Flightgear that enables
communication with my IVAO client, via the command-line option
"--ivao=<parms>" (I think it's not in the CVS).

So far, the client has been successful in logging in IVAO test server,
and sending airplane position updated. However, the hardest part is to
be developed. As soon as the IVAO client sends back other packets to
Flightgear, all this stuff will have to be processed inside the
simulator: weather conditions, other pilots' positions, etc.

The way I've thought it, I'd rather go myself for all the aspects of the
IVAO client development, and leave the Flightgear tuning to a volunteer
team of Flightgear developers, so that I can focus on the client. I
think you guys will do a better job than me here, as I am not familiar
with the Flightgear architecture.

John has agreed to take the communications part between Flightgear and
my client, but it would be really appreciated if some of you wanted to
go for the development of the IVAO packets processing.

If someone is interested in joining the project just let me know.

Thanks a lot,


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