Hi all,

I prepared a patch to enable unit testing in FlightGear development. The used 
framework is UnitTest++ (http://unittest-cpp.sourceforge.net/) which is 
included in the patch. The whole is completely separate from any FG code, 
though sitting in src/Tests. testAirportsGroundnet.cxx is the beginning of 
unit tests for the ground network code and shall serve as test examples. 

Those using git might also clone the whole repository. The branch 'testing' 
contains some test driven development of a simplified interface for TaxiNodes 
and TaxiSegments (unfinished yet) and might also serve as an example 
containing more complex tests.

Patch against CVS HEAD (complete unittest++ branch, 170kB):  

Git repo (~10MB):

To add further tests just write your test code and link it into fgunit, the 
test runner 'fgunit' collects all of them automatically. Running the tests is 
simply a matter of running src/Tests/fgunit

The integration with automake as well as the test runner might be improved 
still. Consider this a prototype. The code is untested on non-Linux 
platforms, so I'd appreciate any volunteers... :-)

PhD Student, Dept. Animal Physiology, HU Berlin
Tel +49 30 2093 6173, Fax +49 30 2093 6375

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