Curtis Olson wrote:

> 2. In terms of who does the interfacing work, us or them.  I think that 
> boils down to who benefits.  I suspect that the FlightGear users will 
> have a bigger benefit from getting access to the vatsim world than visa 
> versa.  Based on what I've seen on the multiplayer servers, we might 
> only add a dozen or so users to the vatsim world at any one time.  So if 
> we benefit more than them, we can't get too uptight about who does the 
> actual work, and it probably makes sense for one of our developers to do 
> the honors.

This needs to take into account the platforms that flightgear is used 
on. If it's closed source then ideally whoever produces the app is going 
to need the capability to build (at the very minimum) linux, mac, and 
windows binaries, since handing the source over to someone else to let 
them build for their own platform isn't an option.


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