On Monday 17 September 2007 18:41, Curtis Olson wrote:
> My best guess is a debian derivative, probably stripped down for this
> specific application.  I saw the debian penguin come up at the head of the
> console boot messages ... only one penguin so it looks like a single
> processor.  I don't know what the actual hardware really is ... I'd be
> surprised if they had one CPU per seat ... maybe they were doing some sort
> of virtualization?  Interesting to see.  Apparently my seat neighbors were
> not nearly as excited as I was to find out the entertainment system was
> running linux ... :-)

Funny, I had actually the same experience, on the same aircraft type / 
airliner on my last flight back from the US (Detroit - Amsterdam, May 17, 
Northwest, A330). The entertainment system crashed midway during a movie, and 
spontaneously rebooted, showing the penguin. 


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