On mer 28 novembre 2007, Markus Zojer wrote:
> Syd&Sandy wrote:
> > On Wed, 28 Nov 2007 19:07:13 +0100
> >
> > gerard robin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >> On mer 28 novembre 2007, Markus Zojer wrote:
> >>> Hi all!

> Thanks gerard! Check out also the breaking smoke(>120 kts) and flares
> (ctrl d)!

Oh yes these are nice too, with my first short first test, i did not have time 
to look at your whole osg  animation.
Don't be surprise if a day you see on the BlackBird-A and B a copy  of your 
animations   :)
> Thanks for reporting that issue with FGrun, since .osg will get more
> popular in the future maybe it would be a good feature to integrate the
> .osg format into FGrun.
> Appart from the .osg not being loaded, are the rest of the models loaded?
> fly on,
> markus
About FGrun,  i could notice, too, that  the osg models are  not displayed.

However there  is an other case when the model is not correctly  displayed , 
it is when the model is made of several "sub" models (parents and several 
 like most of the aircrafts  i have made, for instance with the  P-38L  we get 
only the nose , the BlackBird the front part, Noratlas only the wing......
Only KfreeFlight (cvs version)  is able to build (from the .xml files) and to 
display these multi components models.
FGrun seems to be able to display only the monolithic  models  



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