(mostly for Fred, I guess)

Whilst cleaning up various headers and includes, I've noticed quite a  
few files including windows.h, via a section like:

#  include <windows.h>

Many of these files have no obvious reason to be relying on platform  
specific code, and I think that the MSVC standard library is now good  
enough to pull in windows.h if it's required by support functions  
(hopefully never). I believe gl.h on Windows requires windows.h to be  
pulled in, but the <osg/GL> wrapper we're using now takes care of that.

So, if someone with access to Win32 fancies doing a quick audit in FG  
and SG of these, feel free. My (optimistic) hope would be that they  
can *all* die, since virtually all of our platform code is now in osg,  
but I'm sure there will be a couple of exceptions. (Timing, maybe?  

In any case, it would be good to get windows.h out of all the headers,  
so it's at least only dragged in per compilation unit.


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