There is,  into the recent FDM JSBSim update, a new huge feature  with is 
the "External_Forces", this gives us, a lot of new facilities for model 
development, like mooring rope, chutes, catapults, hook, mules  and so on.
Each external_force can be defined "BODY" or "LOCAL".

Working on an Aircraft (Crusader) with Carrier (Foch) I am looking for the 
right solution to get the positions of the  Carrier with its components 
catapults and wires.

Into FG source, we can find some code which gives, regarding the AI, the 
positions., global x-y-z, and lat lon.   I have found it  for Carrier and 
Tankers (very useful for refuel), and probably there for any AI models.  
However there is nothing  regarding the Carriers components, catapults and 
wires positions.
Into YASim the positions of each component, catapults and wires positions are 

In order to get these data into the JSB FDM, the crude  solution could be, to 
include the yasim calculation part into JSBSim.

I feel that won't be the more elegant solution, and i am not sure that Jon 
would agree on it.  :)

Though, i am not aware, about the FG source organisation, i dare that 

Won't it be possible to calculate and to give on request ( when we are close 
to a  Carrier ) these data.
I mean, the cats and wires positions ?

I guess, if we had these values it should possible to process them into JSBsim 
in order to get an achieved Carrier Landing/takeOFF simulation.
At least , easier for Jon to include that simulation into JSBSim.

I can be wrong, it could be many other better approach



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