I recently revived the xml schema files I started to create a while ago.
While working on the autopilot for the HansaJet, I (re)learned that editing 
xml files with vi is ok, but having a nice xml editor is much more fun. Once 
you got used to the automatic popup menus offering the valid tags at your 
current editing position, you *really* miss them once they are gone...
They may also serve as a good reference and documentation.
Autogenerated documentation looks like this:
(Ignore the AusAddress - this is a bug somewhere)

I have quite a few schema files with annotation ready and I think it might be 
a good idea to share them. 

What do you think? Does FlightGear need xml schema files? Would anybody 
besides me use them? What would be the appropriate place to store them?
My suggestion: data/Docs/XMLSchema

Comments welcome


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