* James Turner -- 6/12/2009 11:05 AM:
> I guess there is no chance of switching to osgWidgets in the near  
> future? I've not looked at how mature that code is or isn't yet.

No. This may take another year, or two. AFAIK, osgWidgets is still
nothing more than colored, clickable rectangles with labels and
input fields -- basic building blocks for a GUI. But there's nothing
like a scrollable list, comboboxes, 3D-widget effects, etc. Looks
like we'd have to take over osgWidgets development to get it into
a usable state. Switching now would be a big step backwards, and I
see no reason for that. PLIB's pui works reasonably well, and it's
not like it'll suddenly stop working. We can still put it in our
CVS if we want to get rid of the PLIB dependency already. But there
are still other things that we depend on, anyway (js handling,


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