Hi All,

Curt recently posted to the Forum 
(http://www.flightgear.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=5201) regarding creating 
a FlightGear Newsletter. This is something that I had thought about for some 
time, and I suspect many other people have too over the years.

As I had some unexpected spare time over the last week, I put together a first 
edition of The FlightGear Newsletter, which can be found here:


It is fairly short, but it seemed better to publish something as soon as there 
was enough content rather than risk it becoming stale. If people have articles 
or links they want to contribute, they can do so for the next edition, which 
can be found here:


Given that it took only a couple of hours to find enough content to be 
worthwhile to publish, a monthly newsletter feels like a reasonable goal. 

I don't have any plans to be the permanent editor of the Newsletter, so if 
anyone would like to be the editor for the next issue they are very welcome. 
The wiki provides a very simple interface for contributing, and Gijs can make 
the article read-only when we decide to publish which has worked very well so 

As always, comments are very welcome.


PS: Apologies for posting to both -devel and -users. Though the latter has 
fallen out of use since the forums have become popular, it seemed worth 
advertizing to both lists.


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