I've been playing with the latest cvs version (simgear, flightgear + 
data on Sept 12th) and testing my skills with VOR/DME navigation.

There is a bug that causes a segfault around long 0. the "test" aircraft 
is the Bravo, climbing to around 4000ft with a speed of 250. The same 
happens with the 777-200ER, A320-131 - I haven't tried many others.

The easiest way to recreate the bug is to take off from EGWU-Northolt 
airport and head NW toward EGSS-Stansted,  between the Brookmanks Park 
and Lambourne VOR's
fgfs --aircraft=Bravo --airport=EGWU --runway=07 --nav1=117.5 --nav2=115.6
the above consistently crashes around 51.6263 -0.2197 (determined 
roughly from mpmap)

Flying the East to West eg from EGLC London City to EGLL Heathrow 
crashes in a similar fashion.

Below is a list of crash positions. The positions were "very" roughly 
determined via mpmap and the tests were also done without multiplayer, 
autopilot or other possible influences with the same result


Flying East to West <<<<
EBOS - Ostend Belguim to London VOR - crash at 51.4308 -0.0212
EGKB Biggin (almost on long 0) to London VOR crash at -51.3812 -0.078891
EGSQ Clacton to Lambourne, London -  crash at 51.635 0.494

West to East
EGBB Bimingham Heading Daventry > Barkrkay, Clacton VOR - 52.03.64 -0.1496

And the longtitude in a list from a load of flights

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