Hi John,

John Denker wrote:
> That's a good thing to work on.  Thanks for the heads-up.
> Here's one more thing to think about in this context:
> text to speech.  AFAICT the status is:
>  1) The existing home-brew TTS system (involving 
>   ATC/default.vce and ATC/default.wav) is very limited.
>   It does not claim to handle the general case.  It 
>   does not even have enough vocabulary to handle an 
>   ICAO standard ATIS (with perhaps verrry rare exeptions).
>   It only knows the names of a few airports.
>  2) There is a documented interface to the Festival 
>   TTS system.  Alas, the preponderance of the evidence 
>   indicates this has not worked in several years.
>   AFAICT all reports of working TTS refer to the 
>   home-brew system (item 1 above).
> I have no opinion on _how_ to implement TTS, whether
> home-brew, Festival, or other.

For the sake of simplicity (or actually avoiding extra complexity) this 
will have to wait until after the update which shouldn't be a real 
problem since it only uses the sound infrastructure but is no part of it.


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