I made an example of a "light cone" effect. It is a post processing
effect, that makes an object illuminate everything inside of it. It
would be usefull for landing lights or similar objects.

This version uses blending, but the final version should use stencil
buffer, once/if we get effects to support them. Because of the
blending, the lighting value is 1.5 * the value of the underlying
pixel. This means that during night, the light will not be very
visible... I found no way to overcome this without the whole
cone/model becoming visible. One way to cheat this is to add the
object multiple times, since the lighting cumulates. Also fog does not
work correctly.

Attached is the effect file. I also had to make simple vertex and
fragment shaders to get the effect working.

Also, I attached an example of the cone model and its xml. Two
screenshots from during the development is here:
http://users.tkk.fi/~lapelto2/fgfs/fgfs-light.png and

I hope someone finds this dev version usefull, maybe after the release
we can get a "real" one :)

Lauri ("Zan" on IRC)
Lauri Peltonen

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