Hi Pete,

The GUI is defined in XML and integrated with Nasal. There's a README.GUI
file which describes most of it (IIRC there are some features that aren't 
documented at present).

I'd suggest having a look there, as I don't think that most of your comments 
below are problems with the GUI code itself, but some specific dialogs which
can be fixed.

Comments inline.

Pete Morgan wrote:

> * they do not maintain last position

This will probably require some coding to fix. To be honest, that not something
I would think is high on anyones priority list right now, but feel free to 
prove me
wrong :)
> * Cant be resized
I think some of them can, but I can't remember how.

> * label "over flow" spacing
This will be a problems with a specific dialog I think. Which one have you seen
this in?

> * no Validation on entry
This is probably solvable with some Nasal. You can get values from the property
tree reflecting the dialog inputs itself, and then have a simple timer checking 
on each
one in turn while the dialog is active. I would think that with a bit of 
thought one
could write a generic Nasal function that could easily be applied to many of the
different dialogs.

> * Changes are sometimes immediate,  even tapping in or deleting a 
> figure, makes the entries applies to SIM REAL time key entry..
> eg trying to change heading from 270 to 280, means removing the final O 
> which makes aircraft head off to 27!!!!!!!
You can define a specific input box as being "live", which means any change
to the input immediately affects the property value it is attached to.

An alternative is to have an Apply button that applies all the input boxes to 
properties. So, which dialog box is exhibiting this behaviour? Should be easy 
to fix.

> * they display a float of 111.999 where only the last .999 is visible
Not sure about this one, which dialog are you seeing this in?

> * the dialogs do not utilise the "apply button"
Yes they do! :)

> Is there a cool resolution. I use the Qt toolkit daily, and that widget 
> set would accomodate all above easily, including rendering and validation.
> However Qt is a platform and "heavy" for the purposes of FG
> Is there an alternative and can we evaluate.
We are to some extent hamstrung by the rather old GUI toolkit we use. However,
replacing that is going to be non-trivial, and it would affect not just the 
core GUI but
also all the dialog boxes that have been set up for particular aircraft.



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