First, a specific question:  Is there any reason why, 
when the simulator is paused, the http property browser 
should be stalled?  I would have expected the network 
interface to be completely asynchronous.

This is an important question, because one of the big
reasons for pausing the simulator is for looking at
the properties.

A similar question applies to the jpg-httpd imaging
system.  Is there any reason why that should not be

Indeed it would be nice if the JPEG stuff ran in its 
own thread.  Some people have very powerful multi-
processor systems, and it's embarrassing for the
display to freeze every time a snapshot is taken.

  In particular, imagine a student/instructor situation,
  where the instructor has his own screen and keyboard.
  The instructor wants to take a snapshot for postflight
  discussion.  The student really doesn't like it when
  the sim freezes in the middle of a maneuver.

The non-http image snapshot system (the "F3" key) has 
issues, too.  I observe that it freezes the system so 
badly that the airplane makes "engine restarting" noises 
after every snapshot.

More generally:  Have there been any design decisions
made as to what functions should continue to work
during pause, and which should not?  Obviously flight
dynamics should be paused ... but I notice that during
pause I can still wiggle the joystick and see the yoke
respond, and I can switch views using the v / V / ^V
keys, and I can tilt/pan/zoom the view at least at 
first ... but on the other hand, when I wiggle the 
yoke the flight control surface do not respond, and 
after a few seconds I lose the ability to tilt and 
pan the view.  Zoom continues to work.

I observe that I can use the pop-up menus including
the property browser during pause, but I cannot use
the http property browser.

Can somebody explain how this is supposed to work?

Even more generally:  To what extent is FG thread-safe?
At one extreme, is this merely an aspiration for the
distant future?  At the other extreme, is this an
established fact and requirement?  Are there perhaps
bits that are known to be thread-safe, and can be 
threaded, so long as we stay away from the naughty
bits?  Is the answer different for MSVC versus Linux?

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