Hi Brian.

What I want to do is have Atlas monitor the state of all AI aircraft.
> The number of AI aircraft varies, so that's why I didn't think the
> generic protocol would work - the generic protocol only allows you to
> specify a fixed number of properties to transmit.
> So, would it be possible to use Nasal to package all the data (into a
> string say), plop it into a property node, and then use the generic
> protocol to send that node?  Is there an even better way?

An alternate way is to purely use the --telnet protocol for bidirectional
communication. This means you have to poll FG to find out how many AI
aircraft there are, what their positions are etc. There is no 'listener'
interface with the telnet protocol.

Using nasal to take advantage of the 'listener' interface and crafting your
own intelligent IPC property node is my preferred route.

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