A thread was opened on the forum about how the C172P appeared to be 
incorrectly calculating the amount of fuel in gallons based on the weight of 
the fuel.  It appears that the conversion is using 6.6 lbs/gal when it should 
be using something close to 6.0.  That is
/fdm/jsbsim/propulsion/tank[n]/contents-lbs divided by 
/consumables/fuel/tank[n]/level-us_gal == 6.6 

I also had an issue with this for the p51d-jsbsim model and I had to use 6.6 
as the conversion factor when setting up the fuel tanks in order to get 
/consumables/fuel/tank[n]/level-us_gal to report the correct amount of fuel.  
What is really strange is that /consumables/fuel/tank[n]/density-ppg = 6.0.  
Is this a bug or is there some other issue that aircraft developers need to be 
aware of to get this to work correctly?


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