I just commited a patch to make the JSBSim turbulence models selectable at 
The turbulence model can be selected by setting
/environment/params/jsbsim-turbulence-model to either "ttNone", "ttStandard", 
"ttBerndt", "ttCulp", "ttMilspec" or "ttTustin". The Milspec model is selected 
by default through preferences.xml.
The turbulence severities set from the global weather dialog now get routed to 
the JSBSim FDM and should affect your aircraft. Depending on the used 
turbulence model, the relevant properties for JSBSim are set.

Have fun playing with it and please report bugs.


P.S.: Please refer to the FGAtmosphere.cpp in JSBSim for details about the 
turbulence models.

P.P.S.: All this does not affect YASIM aircraft.

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