Is there any easy way to show a prior route in Flightgear?  In other words, if 
I have a set of recorded GPS points (lat,long, alt) in a text file can I 
display them in 3-D space, as I am flying in flightgear?  Ideally I would like 
points (some box or sphere icon?) connected with line segments.
There are three different approaches that occur to me, so I figured I would 
check if anyone has done anything like this, and see if anyone can offer any 
1)  It is probably possible to generate some custom scenery that has my desired 
path as custom made objects.  But this seems like it is likely the most 
difficult approach?

2)  It seems likely that it could be done with nasal, but I have really not 
done any nasal coding.  One approach might be to hard code a bunch of objects, 
representing points, in the right locations into a nasal file.  This is not 
very flexible, as each nasal script would be for a given single path.

3)  Finally, what seems most general would be to write some code in nasal that 
can read in a csv file, and then to display objects in those locations.  Is 
this feasible?  Can nasal import a csv file or other general file format that 
could contain points?

If any of you have any existing code, or suggestions, I would love to hear it.  



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