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> Subject: [Flightgear-devel] Changelog for Release 2.8.0
> Hi everybody,
> we are very close to our release date, just a few days left until we
> ship our latest-and-greates-ever FlightGear version.
> Please check the changelog at
> and make sure every new feature is noted at a prominent place there.
> These are not only core features but also new/updated aircraft, scenery
> improvements, usability changes - whatever made FlightGear better since
> the last release.
> The changelog is often copied by online media and might help to attract
> user, so please help creating a persuasive advertising for FlightGear

My reaction was: " is that all?".  I haven't been following developments all
that closely over the past few months as trying to keep up with Fred has
taken much of my time, so perhaps it is. Surprised me though.


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