I've just pushed a large change to next, which adds a binary cache of most of 
the navigation data. The cache is stored in FG_HOME/navdata.cache, and rebuilt 
if the timestamps on any of the data files change (apt.dat, nav.data, fix.dat 
and so on). When the cache needs to be rebuilt, startup will take a bit longer 
than before, but when the cache is valid, startup is /much/ faster, especially 
for debug builds.

Memory consumption is also lower, since we don't keep airports / fixes / 
taxiways / runways in memory until they're needed.

This is a fairly large change, so please look out for any bugs related to 
navaids / startup position / GPS / route-manager searches and lookups either 
getting different results or failing. I've tested here locally and things seem 
sane, and have had positive feedback from various testers on IRC and email, but 
I still expect to find some edge cases which need further work.

There's future work to move even more data into the cache - eg parking 
positions - which will further help performance for FMS / map systems since we 
won't need to parse lots of XML data repeatedly. I'm going to let this change 
settle down before adding more cached data, however.


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