I have updated the flight recorder / replay system with something I had 
already planned after last year's update. Two new features:

1. Sessions can be saved to/loaded from disk. Simply fly along, then 
select "Save flight recorder tape" from the file menu and press "Save". 
You can load the tape again at any later time. You can keep the tape 
recording for your own amusement - or send it to someone else.

2. You can add text messages to a flight recording. This turns the 
recording into a flight tutorial. It's somewhere in between the existing 
tutorial system and a Youtube video: unlike the existing tutorials, the 
recorded flight can be used to demonstrate complete flight manoeuvres, 
such as how to fly a complex approach into an interesting airport. And 
unlike a fixed video tutorial, users can change views, inspect 
instruments, or take over control at any point.

As a teaser and test, I have created a tutorial showing how to fly the 
nice "Isafjördur fjord" takeoff and approach. A beautiful airport in 
Iceland. The tutorial should be used with the Beechcraft b1900d:

- Make sure you have (terrasync) scenery for Iceland (airport "BIIS").
- Download tutorial and store on your disk: 
- Start FlightGear with the b1900d.
- Menu "File" => "Load Flight Recorder Tape"
- Select the downloaded file "b1900d-BIIS-Isafjordur-Tutorial.fgtape"
- Press "Load"
- Watch. You should also see instructions during the flight.
- Try the approach yourself (i.e. go back with the replay slider, press 
"my controls"...)

(The "cool" Icelanders fly this approach on daily schedule. For the 
interested, here's a real-life recording: 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv_c6vA8DXE ).

Never mind the scenery glitch at the airport (in the FG scenery, not on 
the RL airport ;-) ).

I'll document the details of how to create a tutorial (add text 
messages) later. For now, I'd like to know if the basic system is 
working everywhere, and if recorded "tapes" work across systems.

When something is (not) working, let me know.


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