On 12 Mar 2013, at 20:53, Faber <fa...@sol2500.net> wrote:

> I just compiled GIT from today and noticed the new Mouse Mode Feedback
> on Screen. Is there a way to switch that off? 
> I haven't found nything in the Menus and feel it is rather disturbing,
> especially during complex startup procedures with a lot of klicking and
> looking around in the Cockpit the screen gets filled pretty fast with
> those lines.

There's several different answers to this :)

1) - I'd like it to replace, not scroll (so maximum of one message) but I 
didn't figure out the Nasal for that yet

2) - if you use the new 'Blender-look' mode (Debug -> Interface Options -> 
untick 'right click cycles mouse mode'), you won't get the messages, since the 
mode is spring-loaded. (And I hope to make Blender-look mode the default, since 
having used it for a couple of weeks, I think it's much nicer for fast moving 
around a 3D cockpit)

This mode is also much friendlier to new users, as well as being faster for 
experienced ones, since they can't get trapped. 

3) Gijs has informed we already have the same option for view names (I never 
even knew these could be switched off!), why don't I rename the pref to 
'on-screen hints' and use the same value? i.e /sim/view-name-popup.

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