Recently I noticed an alert on my console when starting up the git version
of FlightGear:

"Enabling ATI viewport hack"

This is odd because I have nvidia hardware.  I tracked down that this
message was coming from main.cxx, specifically this chuck of code:

if (fgGetBool("/sim/ati-viewport-hack", true)) {
    SG_LOG(SG_GENERAL, SG_ALERT, "Enabling ATI viewport hack");

This takes the value of /sim/ati-viewport-hack or true if the value is not
set at all (like on my nvidia based system.)  Shouldn't this default to a
false value?  I can change the default in git unless someone has a specific
reason why it should be the other way?  Any objections to defaulting this
to 'false'?  (I think this is James code from 'git blame')


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