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> Should be fixed now.  Let me know if not - I don't see the warning on

Thanks Stuart.

The Apple OpenGL renderer is a rather interesting beast - it's a clean-room 
front-end to the drivers, one of aspect of which means it is the only true 
'Core Profile' 3.x renderer in wide use. (As opposed to the Ati and Nvidia Core 
profile drivers, which are simple the compat ones with some checks removed, I 
have been told). Of course FG is hence limited to 2.1 on Mac since we're a long 
way from Core profile support in the main code.

This does however mean it produces different GLSL compile issues, and different 
bugs in general, from the same hardware on other platforms.

(The renderer backend does of course come from the vendors, but 
OpenGL.framework always comes from Apple - it's not like Linux where your 
libGL.so comes, at least potentially, from your hardware vendor)

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