Hello All Flightgear developers!

It has been almost 5 years since Tu-154B first appeared in FlightGear. Now, 
after years of development and bug-fixing, release 3.0 is available - and it is 
GPL compliant and Rembrandt ready!

Unfortunately, many FlightGear pilots do not even know this airplane exists. 
The reason is, the Tu-154B is a converted version of Project Tupolev's Tu-154 
originally created for MSFS. It was not GPL compliant, and, thus, not 
available on the FlightGear page for download. Till now.

We have now been allowed by Project Tupolev to distribute Tu-154B under 
GNU/GPL. In addition, the model has undergone major overhaul regarding the 
Rembrandt project. It now provides a full specter of real lighting, for both 
exterior model and the cockpit.

You can download Tu-154b ver.3.0 from here: 


You can see some screenshots here: 

Wbr, Yurik

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