> On a related note there's also the question of the mouse modes to
> consider.  I no-longer use the old-style mouse modes, instead using
> the right-click-to-pan-view mode instead.  Should that be available
> through the GUI (in which case I've got to re-write various parts of
> The Manua)

I'm a mouse only pilot, and I'm still using the old mode for two reasons: 
First, the new mode requires tab to change mode, which you need to do 
frequently without a joystick, and that key is mapped on some planes (the ufo 
or the Lightning come to my mind) to other functions which leads to trouble. 

Second (and that's less relevant) - old mode is quite a deep habit, and if I 
just fall back to what I was used to while in a helicopter, I end up being so 
dead and crashed.

I think in general the new style is superior, especially if you're a joystick 
user - so I would tend to make the new behaviour default, I think mouse-only 
control is a minority position and doesn't need to be default as long as we 
keep the old style optionally.

* Thorsten
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